Monday, December 31, 2007

What would DaVinci Do?

I have been thinking a lot about the materials I use in my artwork. I think it is because I rediscovered my need to create through the path of scrapbooking. When I began scrapbooking over seven years ago (although, in a sense, I have been scrapbooking since I was a kid), all the talk was about archival quality. It took me a long time to let go of the need to use only acid-free products in my scrapbook. But finally I realized that I really didn't care about whether the scrapbooks outlived my great-great grandchildren. I just wanted my boys to enjoy reliving their past (and I know they do because they pulled out their books again today). Now that I am playing with every type of art material imaginable, I find myself wondering how important it is to invest in quality supplies. Did the Great Artists think about the permanence of their work when they created it? I really think that they just NEEDED to create and as they say....the rest is history. I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

4x4 Friday - Punchinella

As the new year quickly approaches, I've been looking for different challenge blogs/websites that will help me to keep creating even when I don't think I have the time. One of the sites I found is 4x4 Friday. I decided to get a jumpstart on my New Year's Resolution to create more art and do this weeks Friday challenge. Here is my first 4x4 challenge entry.
I had so much fun making this. It was one of those creating experiences that fed on itself. As I thought about the punchinella (the waste product from making sequins - for those of you who didn't know), I thought of using it like a fence with an animal. After that, it was just a matter of following the various associations that my mind made. I love when things like that happen! And I'm ready for the January challenges because I cut enough 4x4 pieces of matboard to do five more challenges. So bring it on!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Open for Business

I couldn't just let this time of the year go by with the normal holiday busyness. I had been thinking that I needed a bigger studio space for quite awhile but didn't seriously pursue it until a couple of weeks ago. We had some excess furniture that needed to find new homes and I called St. Vinnie's to make a pick up. That was when my brain went into hyperdrive on the larger studio idea. After bringing the subject up with Kurt, we discussed the various options and decided that moving from my current studio in the basement to the other basement room that was twice the size was a good plan. Little did he know that my plans called for immediate relocation. The discussion took place the weekend of the 8th and last week I became the Energizer Bunny, painting walls, moving furniture, cleaning out excess stuff and everything in between. There are still a few bins of supplies that need to be put away but as of last night, my studio is "open for business". I have my work table cleared and all the main supplies in accessible areas. I have been craving some creative time (and although, getting my new studio space ready has be creative, it is not in the way I want) and now I can actually play. For now, you can see my studio pictures and hopefully soon there will be new work posted as well.

Did you notice my affirmations that I painted on the walls before the actual painting began? So many people talk about the need to believe in your dreams and the power of affirmations so I just couldn't resist to put my own mark on the world (or the wall) when I was making my new work space "home".