Thursday, February 21, 2008

Frozen Beauty

This winter has been particularly crazy in Madison. We have had record amounts of snow (over 80 inches so far) and several cold spells that have included wind chill warnings. We live close to my sons' school so they have always walked to school except in bad weather. I have used a zero degree guideline during the winter so that when the temperature with the wind chill is below zero, I drive them to school. At times, I think I am driving them more than they have been walking this year. Yesterday, after I dropped them off at school, I realized that I had the camera in the car and decided to capture some of the beauty that was in and around the neighborhood. Over the past weekend, we had some of the worst weather this season -- freezing rain and then snow. It made things a big mess for driving but the coating of ice on the trees made things sparkle when the sun was out. I couldn't resist its beauty so I drove around to get a few shots. These are a few of my favorites.

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~ Amy W ~ said...

And I thought Utah was having a big winter!! Holy cow - 80 inches!
Finally this last week we have gone up into the 40's, but below zero!!! - yuck!